Octapharma to invest Euro 21 million to build a new multi-use venue in Springe, Germany

Springe. Germany
Noticias corporativas
Octapharma has confirmed to invest Euro 21 million to build a new multi-function facility in Springe, Germany.

The multi-function venue will have a new production line for human normal immunoglobulin  panzyga®, alongside with human albumin, albunorm® another final product produced in Springe. The investment will significantly increase the existing capacity and will be completed in 2019. Among production and technical facilities, the building will provide room for offices, conference rooms and laboratories on three floors and 8000m².

Heritage in Manufacturing

As an organization in healthcare, Octapharma has a relentless passion for pushing the boundaries of science, including production processes, to provide new health solutions advancing patients’ lives. The German production site is one of the biggest sites within Octapharma. The new investment is based on the existing high quality of processes and products as well as the knowledge and experience that distinguish this Octapharma site in Springe, Germany. 

As highlighted by Gerold Rempeters, Chief Production Officer:

“This multi-function building plays an important role for the growth strategy of Octapharma worldwide, but especially at the site in Springe, as it allows us to establish a new product line without affecting the current production. With the doubling of the fractionation capacity to 3.6 million liters until 2020, Springe will be able to produce albunorm® and panzyga® to its full extent. On top of that, Springe will have the capacity to produce additional amounts of both products from pastes that come from the group. Therefore, the new multi-function building is a crucial component for the plant capacity in Springe and thus for the growth of the entire group.”